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Connecting Families… Empowering People



Parenting can be a tough job, and most of us parents are grateful for all the help and advice we can get. How lucky are we to have the internet as a parenting resource in addition to our friends, family, books, and other helps! But the internet can be a little overwhelming too. Google “parenting” and you get 76,600,000 hits. Which websites have the information you need? Below are links to some of the parenting websites we recommend.

https://www.co.brown.wi.us/departments/page_ae289460022b/?department=68d3c3d55278&subdepartment=24b92be334aa (UW Extension has a comprehensive resource guide for Brown County.)

www.browncountychildren.org (The Community Partnership for Children, sponsor of the Healthy Families coalition in which we are an agency partner.)

http://www.referweb.net/bcuw/ (211 Brown county- online database of resources. We are a 2-1-1 site.)

http://www.sagreenbay.org/ (Salvation Army has a wealth of services and information.)

http://www.co.brown.wi.us/ (General assistance. Be sure to check out Human Services Department.)

http://letsgomommy.com/ (Lets Go Mommy has a comprehensive listing of great programs for parents and children in Green Bay area.)

http://www.browncountylibrary.org/ (Brown County Library. So many chances for growth for the entire family! Programs, books, art, etc.)