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Connecting Families… Empowering People




Our home visiting program is offered to young, at-risk families. The majority (94%) of the families are low income. Our program supported 130 individuals and 62 families for a total of 665 home visits in 2014.

Outcome measurements from our parenting programs:

98% of parents have more confidence in their parenting

100% of children are up to date on their immunizations

96% of children live in a safe environment

98% of parents reported they know how to keep their children safe

83% of the children we work with reach age appropriate developmental milestones

We have a strong program, which is shown in our retention rates:

59% of them have been with us for 1 or more year

Of the remaining: 73% of them are approaching their one year!

Our one year rate is 27% better than the state’s goal.