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Connecting Families… Empowering People



Our Opportunities

Your Investment

Home Visitation

$250 for a family for a month

Parenting Classes

$500 for a class of 6

Family Dinner Night

$350 for a monthly dinner serving 250 people


$1,000 for a year of tutoring for a student

$30 for a week of tutoring for a student

Family Connections

$150 for a monthly event for parenting program families

Support Group

$100 for 2 support groups a month

GED Scholarship

$100 for a full scholarship for an adult

Membership to a family-friendly venue

Dependent on venue. Ideas: Children’s Museum ($80-$120/year), YMCA or YWCA ($30-$50/month), Neville's Museum($65/year), Kroc Center ($59/month)

Special Event

Dependent on event. Between $20-$600. Contact Chloe Miller Hansen for more information chansen1@gbaps.org.

Road Rally

We have several sponsorship levels. Please contact Valerie George at vgeorge@gbaps.org or 920-217-1974 for more information.

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